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home based business ideasWork at home ideas is a brainchild of two very experienced but fed-up businessmen who decided to look for some sort of business they could do together. Between the two of us we have over 50 years business experience working at high levels in corporations and building up successful small businesses. For years we talked about what we could do together in business but nothing ever presented itself.

One day while one of us was browsing the Internet it became apparent there was very little good quality information for individuals trying to set up their own home based business. Don't get us wrong - the Internet is filled with lots of web sites about setting up a home based business - but not many have quality information a person can use to truly get started. So we decided that would be our goal: build a web site with REAL information, true home based business ideas and links to help individuals pursue their dream of starting their own business.

So that's how we began building this web site. We are applying decades of business experience to review the many opportunities you have to build a home based business. We sift through myriads of web sites and condense the best of what we find into a solid summary and list the best links we can find for you to use in furthering your home based career. Of course we realize there is always room for improvement. So please check back from time to time as we will continually improve the information on our site.

Our fun is to help people find their way to independence. We have enjoyed the feeling of building successful businesses. Both of us started businesses either in our homes or in very small offices, and we built these up to where we could sell them to larger companies. One of us is a specialist in maintenance and cleaning services, the other specializes in web site development. In fact, we each still have our other jobs and we are building this web site as a fun-filled partnership.

Even though this is something we enjoy doing, we take the content very seriously. We want you to be successful. No matter what type of business you plan to build, making and selling handicrafts, lawn mowing business, resume writing service, web design business, wedding planner or any other, remember: having a business plan is essential to success. We've said it before and we'll repeat it in this web site over and over again: businesses don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. A business plan will help you be prepared for the time and cash requirements your new home based business will demand before you see a profit. Some businesses take at least 18 months before they have a positive cash flow and three or more years before they break-even. Don't leave your new business success to chance. Start it off right with a carefully thought-out business plan.

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