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Learn Event Planning

learn event planningAnother great work at home idea is Event Planning. You decide the hours and the days you work and what types of events you specialize in managing. Weddings, Office Parties, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, High School or Military Reunions, Kids Parties - you name it - there's always someone having an event of some kind - and you can be planning it if you've got the tools and the skills to do it.

Event Planning requires a love for details and organization and the ability to get things done - on time! It also requires an abilityto multi-task - that is keep a lot of balls in the air at the same time and not let any of them drop! Keys to your success will be great organization and a good understanding of how to handle suppliers and service organizations. High energy people with positive attitudes do well at this type of work.

Some things you will need

To begin any type of business where you deal with people, you must have people skills. Developing your people management techniques and interactive skills will be one of the most important things you do. Remember: your business is YOU. People will be trusting you to plan one of the most important days of their life. Some will be stressed, and perhaps difficult to deal with - so put on your patience hat before you begin any project.

If you plan on handling mostly weddings, we suggest you visit the Wedding Planner page in this web site. It will give you a great overview on how to become a wedding planner.

Included in your business plan (very important), you should include costs for business forms, contracts with suppliers and customers, a marketing strategy, a cash flow strategy and tax strategy. Your local CPA can help you with the tax and business plan parts.

Find Local Suppliers

In addition, you will have to locate numerous sources to supply different types of events. For example:

  • Printers for invitations and placards
  • Caterers
  • Flower shops
  • Decorators & decorating supply stores
  • Party Supply shops
  • Places to rent (halls, lodges, reception rooms)
  • Entertainers (bands, clowns, etc.)
  • Kids air filled 'bounce' equipment

You CAN Promote Your Business

Promoting your business can be done in many ways. Once you have built a relationship with some of the vendors you know, they will help you to find new clients. For example: leave your brochures in flower shops, catering companies, print shops, party supply shops, in all local vendor shops where they allow you to put your card or a brochure, take advantage. You'd be surprised how many people will call you from just this simple marketing technique. You can also advertise in local papers such as the "Penny Saver" or similar. These are low cost ways to get your name out in the market. Don't forget to read our Marketing Tips page for more ideas how to promote your business.

Learn from those who know

Event planning can be a challenging but very rewarding business. Here are some excellent resources we have found to help you learn to be an event planner and to build your business: - 250 page e-book about how to become an Event Planner. Approximately $29.97 to $39.97 depending on whether you order with CD's or not.

Universal Class - online course offering completion certificate in Event Planning and includes details on how to start your own Event Planning business.

Special Events Magazine - great resource for all things related to Event Planning including supply sources and advice. - Meeting and Event Space Search Engine (US only). 75,674 Facilities - 264,971 Event Spaces in this database.

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