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Before You Start

home based business ideas

Before you embark on starting a home based business we want to offer some free, no obligation advice: know yourself. Many people start off in a new home based business venture with the same look in their eyes as a teenager infatuated with his or her first love. They think having their own business will give them real independence and they won't have to work very hard before loads of money will come pouring in from their web design, Internat or catering business or whatever.


  • I know this business will be successful because everyone is buying this right now..."
  • "It will only take a few months before we are making enough to get by..."
  • "All we need to do is get our web site up, put a few ads on it and we're in the money..."
  • "We can borrow what we need from our parents and all our friends will help..."
  • HERE'S SOME REALITY FOR YA': You will work twice as hard as you ever have starting a home based business. You'll need discipline, skills and a "never say die" attitude to make your business successful. You'll need to learn about taxes, accounting and how to economize without sacrificing quality. You'll learn how reputation is everything - and you only have one reputation to spend.

    Like we said: know yourself. Are you the type of person who can get up day after day without any boss telling you what to do and work from 8 to 8 (yes your hours will be longer). Do you have the stamina to handle rejection by customers? Are you willing to study and learn your craft until you are the best you can be? Are you willing to give up your evenings and weekends working or taking classes to help make your own business successful? If you are, great! If not - think twice before you make any commitment to a home based business.

    After a bad day (or a bad week) at work, anyone can develop a quick desire for change. We all get fed up. It may be as simple as needing a vacation. It may be we need to change jobs and look for something more suitable. Once you start a home business you can't just quit this job a year or two from now. You will quickly find out your new home based business that was so exciting when you started out now owns you. Who will watch the shop when you go on vacation? Who takes care of your customers when you are sick? Your customers will expect you to deliver what you promise no matter how you feel. In many jobs you are allowed sick days, however - if you are the only one to deliver the goods - too bad! You may have to pack a box of Kleenex and hit the road feeling miserable. Once you have a load of customers how will you manage your life? You may be surprised how little free time you will have once you are the boss.

    Having your own business might end up being a love-hate relationship once you become successful. You will love the independence and satisfaction. You will hate the fact it doesn't always allow you to do what you want when you want. You will also dislike doing the many little things you never thought you would have to (maybe like bookeeping or sales). If you are good at finding great people to delegate to your life will get easier quicker.

    For those who decide to build a home based business we salute you. You are one of the rare breed of persons who has decided to build their own business and become an independent entrepreneur. After reading all this, if you still have a desire to build your own business, you probably have what it takes. We are very proud of you and we wish you well.

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